Provides you face recognition attendance solution with geo-tag and auto-capture attendance for your employees. Employees can mark attendance from any mobile/tablet device and can be set up as kiosk or selfie mode, and can mark attendance at any time from any location.
  • Attendance can be marked from mobile app from anywhere which capture Geo location, Time and selfie image of the employee.
  • More than 32 rules to apply the attendance policies across all the industries..
  • Realtime SMS-EMAIL notification of staff
  • Integrate with any attendance hardware available such as Biometric, RFID etc.


  • Create your leave policies with rich set of rules to suite for your organasation.
  • You manage any kind of leave - paid, unpaid, sick, statutory or any leave type. Also manage Carry Forward leaves and opening balances as per company policy.
  • Easy interface to apply and approve leave requests using mobile app or web interface


  • Multiple approver can be created to manage hierarchy of the Team.
  • Multiple manager/approver can be assigned for single employee in case of more than one reporting manager.
  • Automatic Email alerts regarding attendance,meetings, Absent, Leave, real time reporting can be sent to respective manager for the team.


  • Tracking of employees for a certain period of time on Google Map and total distance travel information to track conveyance.
  • Track how much time spent at a single client by employee.
  • Meeting tracking for all employees with status if the meeting is attended or pending.


  • Real time tracking for all the employees for Admin and respective team tracking for user/Team leader/ Manager.
  • Online expense entry
  • See daily/weekly/monthly miles driven by your employees
  • Compare mileage reports to submitted expense report.
  • Automated expense tracking and quick review for approve and reject
  • automated and manual conveyance tracking with quick review for approve and reject


  • Client management refers to a company’s interactions with clients, and their approach to building a positive working relationship. Good client relationship management helps to generate ongoing business, client retention and brand reputation.
  • Client details can be imported using a csv file and can be created using a mobile app. OCR feature is also available to create clients by scanning visiting cards.
  • Access partner database on mobile app from anywhere.
  • Employees can enter order details with Model and Quantity in his mobile app.
  • Client based orders history reports


  • Provide streamlines end-to-end payroll process & minimizes the workload of staff members.
  • Manage employee's salary computations, employee statutory deductions, and employer contributions and generation of pay-slips etc.
  • Manage tax declarations by employees and make optimal tax deductions and payments. Comply with the filing requirements with ready to upload 24Q statements.


  • Live chats between Admin and Employee
  • The admin can control and supervise the chats
  • All chats will be notified to employees
  • An easy platform to clear all your queries in no time
  • The system will store all the conversation details and you can check and scroll down the entire conversations


  • Audio & Video conference provides communication between admin & employees.
  • They can discuss issues in real time using audio & video call.
  • Employees don't have to wait for in-person meetings to discuss issues or ask questions.
  • Create virtual meetings like sales product presentations, reviews of current financial performance, contract negotiations or employee reviews.